National network of test sites

The National network of test sites has been established to encourage and facilitate the development, demonstration, and maturation of new techniques for the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination – with a particular focus on competitive, cost, and resource-efficient solutions. There may also be concurrent projects and on-site workplaces.

The test site facilities are made available through Danish Soil Partnership, which serves as a single point of entry for environmental technology companies, contractors, and consultants as well as research and educational institutions involved with the development of new methods and new technology.

Through its collaboration with public and private partners, Danish Soil Partnership aims to promote the development of technology and know-how with market potential, promote the development of new products, and showcase Danish solutions abroad.

Here you can read about the National network of test sites for the development and demonstration of methods and for the investigation and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

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