Danish Power Systems

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Danish Power Systems

Danish Power Systems specializes in the development and manufacture of the core component of High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (HTPEM) fuel cells: the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). HTPEM fuel cells can use all fuels, e.g. methanol, diesel, and natural gas that can be converted into a gas containing hydrogen.

Danish Power Systems products are registered under the Dapozol® trademark. The Dapozol® MEA is documented to show both best in class durability and performance.

Danish Power Systems is actively engaging in several partnerships with leading universities and companies worldwide. This is an important factor for our leading innovation capacity, which is enabling us to deliver continuous improvement of the Dapozol® MEA.

Danish Power Systems has established a number of strategic partnerships in order bring us closer to the market and therefore understand the individual needs, demands, specifications, and requirements of our customers. This facilitates our effort and belief in delivering state of the art and customized technology to the benefit of our customers.

Danish Power Systems’ Dapozol® products hold a number of advantages, which are:

  • High performance
  • Wide operational temperature ranging from 120-200°C
  • Significant CO tolerance
  • Significant sulphur tolerance
  • Long durability
  • No humidification need
  • Substantial fuel tolerance
  • Custom made design
  • Competitive pricing
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Hans Aage Hjuler
+45 45 87 39 34

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