Platform for sustainable retrofitting of ships

Retrofitting is upgrading of existing ships and new buildings in order to comply with new rules and requirements, improve energy efficency or fir the ship’s future operating profile.

Danish Maritime has developed the retrofitting portal based on a comprehensive survey of the environmental and climate challenges as well as the available solutions. The overview serves as a manageable tool for decision makers when it comes to investing in new solutions and technology for ships. Requirements, regulations and increasing operating costs create a need for upgrading the existing fleet to maintain an economically profitable operation of ships and ensure that ships comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

The existing fleet, including already contracted vessels and vessels to be delivered within the next few years, is historically large and will for years make up the majority of the world fleet. It is with the existing fleet that an immediate, significant reduction in the emission of CO2, NOand SOcan be achieved.


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Cecilie Lykkegaard

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