Danish Maritime Authority

The Danish maritime cluster – Blue Denmark – holds a strong position within green shipping. Through energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions we work to provide shipping companies and shipbuilders with the tools to drive a successful business that is sustainable in both economic and environmental terms.

Danish green, maritime technologies and solutions are developed through close cooperation and partnerships between our leading shipping companies, equipment manufacturers, shipyards, knowledge institutions and public agencies. Constantly seeking common interests and bringing together unique knowledge this way of cooperating has contributed to strong Danish positions e.g. within areas of environment, climate and several other areas. It ensures innovative and competitive easy-to-integrate solutions that work in practice.

Highly specialized solutions are constantly being improved and optimized, and new solutions are invented. Blue Denmark is ready to meet the challenges and demand of tomorrow’s green standards of the global maritime business.

The Danish Maritime Authority is an active partner in Blue Denmark and we do our best every day to provide a high level of service and create optimal solutions. We work continuously to improve regulation and within Blue Denmark we are dedicated to provide the optimal framework for quality shipping and maritime business. In working for a greener future it is an important part for us to support the advancement of sustainable maritime transportation through our policy work, technical expertise and international outreach.

Please refer to our website for more information on the areas of responsibility of the Danish Maritime Authority.

Through our site you can also access Blue Denmark, which provides you with an introduction to the competencies of the Danish maritime cluster as well as the framework conditions for flying the Danish flag and setting up a maritime business in Denmark.

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Danish Maritime Authority
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