New Industry Alliance will Electrify Europe

By Danish Energy Association, June 27, 2017

Electricity is the way to an energy efficient and green Europe. That is the message behind a new European alliance of business organisations, NGO’s and companies that will work together to promote electrification both politically and in practice.

A new alliance was launched in Brussels on Friday 23rd June, which is focusing on promoting electrification in Europe. The Electrification Alliance consists of Eurelectric, who unites Europe’s power companies, as well as the business organisations Wind Europe, SolarPower Europe and the European copper industry.

The participating partners will demonstrate the great potential for electrification, while continuing to work to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity.

– Electricity emits less CO2; it is becoming more efficient, sustainable and competitive. However, the transition of the electricity sector must go hand in hand with the electrification of other sectors. Transitioning from fossil fuels to electricity in the industry and in transportation, heating and cooling will reduce CO2 emissions and bring clear benefits to the climate, the environment and our health, says Kristian Ruby, General Secretary of Eurelectric.

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In addition to the promise of delivering and demonstrating infrastructure to an electrical society, the alliance calls on EU’s political leaders to ensure the best frameworks for continued electrification. This may include providing charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and by adjusting the so-called PEF, which is weighing electricity consumption heavier than energy from fossil fuels, slowing down  the electrical alternatives to oil burners.

At the Danish Energy Association, who is also a partner in the alliance, Deputy Director General Anders Stouge welcomes the initiative:

– The technology to an electrified Europe is already here. We have electric vehicles, electric ferries and small and large electric heat pumps. Renewable energy prices keep falling and today, we have a large number of digital solutions that can integrate the energy system. However, the transition requires major investments and political support. Therefore, we are pleased to be part of the new alliance, which collaborates  in spreading  electrification in Europe.

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The alliance is established by Eureletric, Wind Europe, SolarPower Europe, the European Copper Institute and the European Heat Pump Association and AVERE, which bring together the European electric car industry. In addition, a number of organisations and companies including DONG Energy, Radius and the Danish Energy Association participate in the alliance.

Source: The Danish Energy Association

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