Green Technology Resulting in Strong Bottom Lines

By Danish Energy Association/ Magnus Hornø Gottlieb, August 31, 2016

It is logical and good, that the Danish government now takes the initiative for a 3-year export strategy within energy technology. But the strategy must not entail, that we forget research and development. At the same time, we must secure a strong framework for the utilities to contribute to future successes, believes Danish Energy Association.

There were big grins and smiles to be spotted at Vestas on the day of their interim financial accounts August 18 2016, EnergiWatch could report. Vestas could present an impressive revenue on app. DKK 30 Billion and an EBITDA on 12% in the first half year of 2016. The wind turbine producer is not the only company with such strong results. Rockwoll, Danfoss and LM Wind Power could also present financial accounts with growing profits.

– You can of course not equalize 3-4 strong interim financial accounts with a general tendency. But there is no doubt, that now the world’s countries have committed to combating climate change, it will increase the demand for exactly these kind of solutions, which the Danish companies can deliver, says Anders Stouge, Deputy General Director in Danish Energy Association.

Therefore, there was also positive signals from the Danish energy industry, when the COP21 conference in December resulted in an ambitious climate agreement to reduce the world’s CO2 emissions.

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– Denmark is the country in EU, where energy technology is the biggest part of exports, and where the biggest share of the working force is occupied within the renewable energy sector. At the same time, our brands are famous worldwide. Today, we enjoy the benefits of this, and it can become an even better business for Denmark in the future, Anders Stouge believes. But it requires that we invest efforts in energy as a Danish strength position, when the demand is rising globally.

He compliments the government’s initiative on a 3-year export strategy, which among other will expand the energy collaboration with Germany, the US, and the UK.

– The export strategy is an important step on the way. But we must not believe, that it will be achieved without hard work. We are already far ahead, but we are not always unique. We need to keep on researching and developing, so that we continuously renew and further develop the existing products. Under COP21, Denmark committed to doubling the research efforts within energy. This promise, the government must now deliver on in this year’s National Bill. Finally, we must not forget to allow the utility sectors to participate in test and demonstration of new solutions without being punished, Anders Stouge says.

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In 2015, Denmark exported energy technology for DKK 71,4 Billion, which is a little less than the record year 2014, where the number was DKK 74,3 Billion. The Danish exports of energy technology has grown by app. 7 % a year since 2000.

Source: Danish Energy Association 

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