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DEM provides clients and partners with access to over 100 experts and specialists. We offer extensive proficiency in integrated energy design, energy retrofitting, energy management, ESCO, advisory services, energy auditing, legal and regulatory reform, renewable energy technologies, and capacity building.

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DEM (Danish Energy Management) provides services for Aarhus Municipality to save energy in their buildings

Aarhus Municipality is investing 450 million Danish kroner to achieve a CO2 reduction of 40 percent in municipal buildings. This will be accomplished by conducting energy renovation for a building area of 1.4 million square meters. With such a large amount of energy savings, the payback time for this large investment cost will be 15 years.

DEM is providing a wide range of services that take user’s experiences and needs into consideration while conducting e.g. energy audits and feasibility studies. Because there are rarely two buildings that function in exactly the same way, energy renovation is tailored to the needs of the users, incorporating their experiences, and providing plans which provide better indoor climate and better overall building condition. Incorporating energy management strategies into energy renovation projects like Aa+ helps to ensure return on investment, and helps to create a more conscientious and sustainable society at large.

Another major aspect of this project that provides both sustainability and return on investment is the building-integrated design and installation of solar panels, which contribute with buildings’ own energy production.


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