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Website and targeted campaigns go hand in hand with other measures for energy efficiency. Denmark has a huge potential for energy efficiency in buildings – especially in single-family houses. Information plays a large role in realising this potential.

Denmark has a history of combining information campaigns with regulatory and economic measures regarding energy efficiency in buildings. Energy renovation and reduction of energy consumption is often complex and involves decision makers who lack insight regarding technical possibilities or the economic and comfort benefits of implementing energy savings. That is why communicating relevant information plays an important role in realising the potential.

One-point entry
Today, the Danish Energy Agency’s information activities regarding energy efficiency are concentrated on the website, is a one-point entry to all the agency’s information regarding energy savings. The site is based around ‘landing pages’ and ‘theme pages’ including facts, cases, guides and digital tools. The website supports initiatives to promote energy savings, such as energy labelling and is a joint platform for all the agency’s campaigns and initiatives aimed at end-users. The purpose is to create synergies between the various initiatives and make it easy for users to find impartial, quality content on the subject.

Targeted campaigns
In order to make energy efficiency messages effective, one needs to target the information to specific groups and make messages relevant for the target group. It is important to target efforts so that relevant information is readily available and for example, the homeowner is met with relevant messages in connection with the decision to refurbish the home when a house gets new owners, as this is where energy renovations are most cost-efficient.

Motivational factors
Of course, not all people are driven by the same motives. In terms of reducing energy consumption, there are also different motivational factors at work. Some homeowners are driven by the possibility of a monthly saving while others do not really care. Instead, they may be driven by better comfort and indoor climate, while for others it is important to reduce CO2 emissions and do something beneficial for the environment. The differing motives should be kept in mind, because the more accurately information campaigns address the needs of the homeowners, the larger the effect.

Network involvement
The Agency’s information activities are, as much as possible, conducted in dialogue and interaction with key actors. This applies to the design, implementation and anchoring of concrete activities. When people seek information, they often ask the same people for advice time after time, because people seek a source of information they know and trust. Therefore, a trusted sender is important when conducting information campaigns. The Agency’s experience is that the establishment of ambassadors within the network maximises impact and helps secure a longer life span.

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