Energy Policy Toolkit on Physical Planning of Wind Power

This policy toolkit presents lessons learned in Danmark on the physical planning of wind turbines.

Key points

  • Choosing the optimal locations for wind turbines should be based on a carefully designed and informed planning process that takes economic, environmental and public considerations into account.
  • Wind resource assessments are fundamental to estimate the wind power production of potential sites and are in turn the basis for designating areas to wind turbines through a local planning exercise with due consideration to other land use interest.
  • Timely planning of necessary investments in grid reinforcement of the existing distribution and transmission grids and alignment to the planning process of wind power provide investors with clarity.
  • A transparent and embracing framework for public participation in decision making process e.g. through public consultation procedures and consultation meetings help to gain and sustain acceptance.
  • Developers in Denmark experience relatively few interactions with authorities in the planning process like the “one stop shop” for offshore wind that compiles all relevant information and makes necessary processes more streamlined and effective.

Read the toolkit here.

Primary contact
Steffen Nielsen

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