International Partnerships for Energy Transformation

Denmark is partnering with different countries to create a clean, prosperous and low-carbon energy future. Together, we are reimagining energy systems through Danish experience, expertise and innovation.

Together with our partners, we are powering green energy transitions around the world. By combining longterm energy planning with
short-term policy actions, we are forging cost-effective strategies for an ambitious green energy transition.”

Lars Christian Lilleholt, Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Onwards from Paris

With the 2015 Paris Agreement, the world is on a new trajectory towards sustainable development and a lowcarbon economy. Delivering on the promise of Paris requires countries to urgently scale up renewable energy and to use energy more efficiently. In Denmark, we have realised an incredible energy transformation over the last 40 years. By going from black to green, we are now on target to become independent of fossil fuels by 2050. Coal for power production will be phased out by 2030. Since 2012, we have offered the full range of Denmark’s experience, expertise and innovation to countries undergoing their own energy  transformations.

Our collaboration rests on partnership. We bring Danish experts together with their counterparts in partner countries to meet the challenges of going green. Together, we focus on identifying solutions that are realistic, costeffective and set countries on a bold new path towards sustainability and a low-carbon future. Denmark’s 360° approach to energy modelling, planning and policy results in solutions that holistically transform energy systems. Based on our experience, we know how to set the optimal framework conditions for energy efficiency measures, public tenders for renewable energy, energy price regulations, and more. We know the technical experts and where to find them. Our ability to produce scenario-based energy models – the blueprints for energy transformation – can help countries deliver on their international commitments.

Read more on how renewable energy has proven affordable and reliable and how the partnerships builds upon this experience, in our leaflet or watch our video.

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