Solar heating solutions for buildings

Solar heating converts the sun’s energy into heat that provides domestic hot water and space heating. Increased requirements for energy efficiency, individual comfort and reliability in solar systems require an innovative installation concept. District heating offers a unique possibility to meet these requirements.

The Danfoss solar solutions secure safety in design, which is crucial for optimization of energy efficiency and costs. A correct system design will always enable the highest net value. The concept of the Danfoss solar solutions is independent of the auxiliary energy source. It is flexible and can be applied together with any energy source available for any building.

The solutions, which Danfoss provides, shall serve as inspiration for the user, who acknowledges the advantages of prefabricated building modules in installation work. The prefabricated building modules – or units – secure performance, good quality and ease in installation. All in all the Danfoss solar solutions will benefit both design and installation, which will lead to high end-user satisfaction.

System Advantages:

  • Applicable for use in new building installations and for refurbishments
  • Minimum space requirements for installation
  • Reduced installation time due to prefabricated building modules
  • Increased energy efficiency through optimum system design and installation
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and service due to a simple and reliable system construction


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