New technology for monitoring emissions

For several years, MOL Nordic Tankers, Dania Ship Management and Danfoss IXA have been cooperating on testing new innovative technology for monitoring emissions from vessels on an ongoing basis. The result is a front-runner solution to ensure global enforcement of the IMO’s requirements for sulphur emissions. To test the solution, the sensor equipment from Danfoss IXA was installed on the chemical tanker Nordic Mari that shuttles between Europe and the USA. The sensors measure the emissions of SO2, NOx and NH3, while a cloud solution makes data accessible to both the ship’s owners and the authorities. The innovative technology makes is possible to document how much the ship is emitting worldwide, and send the data ashore. Consequently, the technology enables the ship’s owners to prove compliance with the IMO’s requirements for sulphur emissions on an ongoing basis. Besides monitoring emissions and proving compliance, the sensors also enables Dania Ship Management to track how the engines are performing by reading out the data from the vessel.

In collaboration with: Danfoss IXA, MOL Nordic Tankers, Dania Ship Management

Primary contact
Mikkel Thrane

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