How supermarkets can reduce carbon footprint

Danfoss can provide solutions for HFC-free supermarkets, using carbon dioxide only. With a Danfoss CO2 solution, supermarkets’ total carbon footprint reduction can be 30% or higher compared to systems using R404A.

Danfoss has cooperated with a discount supermarket chain in Denmark to design a reliable and energy effective CO2 transcritical refrigeration system.

The system, which has been in operation since 2007, is designed as a transcritical CO2 booster system with gas bypass from the intermediate pressure receiver to the suction side of the high pressure compressors.

Danfoss’ solution consists of automatic valves and electronic controls designed to withstand CO2 requirements and optimize the overall energy consumption of the refrigeration installation.

System components typically include:

  • Expansion valves and controllers for cases
  • High pressure regulating system
  • Pack controllers
  • Variable speed drives for compressors and fans
  • Central system controller optimising energy consumption

Measurements in the laboratory as well as in the field where the energy consumption is compared with other similar size systems working under similar conditions.

The concept with booster and gas bypass has proven to be very efficient and reliable. And the energy consumption of the system is lower than that of comparable R404A systems.

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