Electronic Controllers and Weather Compensators for District Heating

Adjustment to outside temperature can significantly reduce the heating costs in a district heating solution. By the help of electronic controllers and weather compensators, the optimum adjustment to outside temperature is secured. The Danfoss ECL Comfort product range consists of electronic controllers for temperature control in heating and domestic hot water (DHW) systems. The controllers ensure a high comfort level and optimum energy utilization.

One good reason to choose a Danfoss electronic controller with weather compensation is the fact that we have a long tradition of producing such controllers for heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply systems. Our current range comprises the 7th generation Danfoss electronic controllers!

Our ECL electronic controllers comply with market standards and demands and integrate seamlessly with key system components from Danfoss and other suppliers. Add to this the fact that installing, commissioning, servicing and upgrading ECL electronic controllers can be done swiftly and efficiently, and you will see a sound return on investment.

Intelligent weather compensation performed by a correctly commissioned electronic heating controller optimizes the energy efficiency of a district heating system by reducing the return temperature. This creates energy savings of around 10-15% and longer system life.  A variety of communication options in the electronic heating controller provide easy-access network communication and monitoring, a clear overview and remote control of all connected controllers in the system.

Read more about our Electronic controllers and Intelligent weather compensation systems here.


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