Biomass Provides District Heating

Components for a wide range of biomass boilers and district heating systems

Biomass is stored solar energy – in harmony with nature. Energy from renewable resources does not generate greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Processing biomass locally can provide enough energy to meet the demands of entire communities. In addition, it reconciles many of the socio-economic issues related to the fossil fuel energy generation that are of global concern.

Danfoss offers a range of quality products and solutions used both in residential and commercial biomass boilers and in micro district heating networks. We supply components for a wide range of biomass boilers and district heating systems, as well as complete solutions and services to help you control and monitor the entire district heating network.

With Danfoss as your supplier or partner in the biomass industry you are ensured safe, reliable, and cost effective solutions to any need!

Danfoss offers:

  • Biomass boilers: ranging from small residential boilers to larger industrial systems
  • Solutions and services for biomass heating and micro district heating networks
  • The Danfoss BVTS thermostatic valve for bio-mass boilers
  • Substations for biomass district heating
  • Electronic controllers enabling remote monitoring, control and advanced service of biomass district heating system

You can read more about our biomass solutions here.

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