Environmental Technology Verification

In simple terms, Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is testing, verifying and documenting the performance of an environmental technology.

The aim of ETV is to validate that the technology suits its purpose and performs as claimed. This means that your environmental technology can obtain a quality stamp from an independent verification unit in form of a statement of verification.

ETV considers three main aspects:

  • the performance parameters derived from the claims of the manufacturers
  • the requirements of environmental regulations
  • the need of the customers

More information
Danish Center for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies, DANETV, offers independent testing of technologies and products for the reduction and monitoring of environmental and climate impacts within the following technology areas:

  • Materials, waste and resources
  • Environmental technologies for water treatment and monitoring
  • Energy efficiency and production
  • Environmental technologies for air cleaning and monitoring
  • Environmental technologies for soil and groundwater remediation and monitoring
  • Environmental technologies for agriculture
  • Cleaner production and processes

DANETV – is a collaboration between 5 GTS companies (approved technological service), working as test bodies under the EU ETV Pilot Programme: Agro Tech, DHI, Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology and DELTA. DANETV cooperates with ETA Denmark, who is accredited as verification body under the EU ETV Pilot Programme.

Primary contact
Thorkild Qvist Frandsen

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