Multifuel Biomass Furnace

The Dall Energy biomass furnace combines updraft gasification and gas combustion. Hereby several advantages are achieved: The plant becomes simpler and cheaper, the emissions are reduced and the furnace can regulate between 10-100%.

In the bottom part, the solid fuel is converted into a burnable gas and fine ash. In the top layer, the fuel is dried and pyrolyzed.

The heat for the drying and pyrolysis process is a combination of convective heat from the gasification gases below and radiation heat from the gas combustion part above.

The gas velocity in the bottom part is very low. Consequently, particles remain here and the dust emission of the furnace is very low.


  • Extreamly low dust emissions (95% less than grate combustion)
  • Low NOx and CO emissions
  • Multifuel (wet/dry fuel, big/small particles, high/low ash)
  • High turndown ratio (10%-100%)
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Un-manned operation

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Dall Energy provide new and improved energy technologies to the global market. Focus is on thermal processes which produce heat for district heating, but also combined heat and power is part of our scope.

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