DAKOFA – Waste & Resource Network Denmark

    DAKOFA – Waste & Resource Network Denmark

    DAKOFA (Waste & Resource Network Denmark) organizes conferences and networking and provides up-to-date website news. As a non-profit, fee-based-membership organization open to anyone dealing with waste, DAKOFA is the only apolitical Danish organization where both private and public members can meet on neutral ground to exchange experiences and views.

    Our 250 members include a broad spectrum of private enterprises, legislative/municipal authorities and diverse organizations, and our twice-monthly newsletter enjoys a readership of over 2,500 industry specialists. DAKOFA’s key organizational groups are currently active in the following areas: construction and demolition waste, biodegradable waste and sewage sludge, waste legislation, energy and climate, landfilling, municipal waste issues, hazardous waste, resource efficiency and circular economy, and communication.

    Link to DAKOFA’s homepage in English here (and directly to contact information and secretariat staff here)

    The DAKOFA conference ‘How to increase the recycling of municipal solid waste” in May 2016 provided inspiration from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Wales and Denmark (find the presentations in English here)

    DAKOFA is the Danish national member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), and in June 2014 was responsible for organizing the international Beacon conference on waste prevention and recycling Closing the Loops – Resource Efficiency held in Copenhagen, (see full programme and presentations here)

    Information in Danish on previous and upcoming national DAKOFA conferences – approx. 10 yearly – detailing programmes and the uploaded presentations can be found here

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    Nikola Kiørboe