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The Collection of cycle concepts 2012 was published by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and presents a number of ideas to help generate more bicycle traffic and reduce the accident rate among cyclists. The aim of the publication is to provide inspiration and motivation for creating more and safer bicycle traffic – in Denmark as well as the rest of the world. The publication primarily targets traffic planners, but can usefully be read by anyone with an interest in cycling.

More cyclists, please!
Encouraging more people to cycle requires an active effort and a number of measures need to be fulfilled simultaneously. Road authorities are not the only ones who are instrumental in changing our transport attitudes, making it more acceptable to bike; businesses, schools, organizations, etc. can also play a major role.

Many people choose to cycle because it’s convenient, healthy and cheap. However, it’s a major challenge to encourage people to change transport modes so that more people cycle rather than drive. It is essential to combine public relations, educational campaigns, and other soft measures with hard, physical, and economic initiatives. The combination of hard and soft measures is crucial for obtaining a significant change in citizens’ transport habits and road safety behaviour.

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