Guidance to a bike friendly workplace

The service seeks to implement a number of measures to increase the modal split in companies towards cycling. It is an employer-based system that focuses on motivation and good conditions for cycling employees. The company signals to its employees that it supports exercise and good health, and it also gets an opportunity to promote itself as a health and environmentally conscious workplace through concrete action.

More information

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation provides guidance on how to promote a bicycle-friendly atmosphere through initiatives like:

  • relocation of bicycle parking to the office entrances (underground bicycle parking)
  • relocation of car parking away from the office entrances
  • integration of a company bus system with the public transport system
  • establishment of a bicycle service, maintenance and air pump station
  • shower and changing facilities for cyclists
  • free service check for bicycles
  • company bicycles
  • bicycle excursions for employees
  • bicycle market
  • information on cycling
  • competitions for cyclists.

Primary contact
Mai-Britt Aagaard Kristensen

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