Urban bicycle brand Biomega is challenging perceptions of what inner city travel should look like

By Biomega, March 09, 2017

“Many have already made up their minds on what a bicycle is, so for us to compete and win against the inner city car, we need to play on their terms. We need to really compete with cars and not other bicycle brands.”

Danish based company Biomega is leading the way in challenging perceptions to what inner city travel should look like, with the OKO E-bike heading up the battle to get commuters on their bikes, rather than opt for the car ride to work. However, jumping on a standard bike has led to negative perceptions of getting sweaty and putting in a lot of effort before arriving at the morning meeting, not so with the OKO KiBiSi electric bicycle. With a built-in motor it provides the commuter with pedal power and the ability to cover long distances, it can travel up to 45 km to 65 km and reach top speeds of 25 km/h.

Managing Director Kenneth Dalsgaard is passionate in challenging the negative perceptions in the battle to win against urban car commuting. “They are faster than cars (in the morning and afternoon rush hours), cheaper than cars, it’s more fun compared to cars and ultimately it’s greener. To our Biomega audience that is our focus, plus it’s healthier”

E-bikes as a part of the solution to climate changes

Undoubtedly the focus on E-bikes now is a natural evolution with more commuters demanding faster, convenient and sleeker means of travel. Consciousness of health and environment is becoming increasingly evident in progressive cities and among the mindset of commuters. Ultimately with all that is going on in the world right now and the hot topic of sustainability and climate, does Kenneth believe that Biomega’s E-Bikes are part of the solution?

“Yes definitely. Take the cell phone as an example, first in the western world we had landlines, then we adopted cell phones. In some countries they completely skipped the landline and went straight to the cell, and I think the challenge we face here is similar in getting over that barrier and taking that step towards choosing an E-bike. If you look at the US, if they were to adopt the cycling culture like in Denmark and parts of Europe then that would have a really big impact on the environment. The main challenge is culture.”

Kenneth Dalsgaard outside. Photo: Biomega

Kenneth Dalsgaard CEO at Biomega. Photo: Biomega

Biomega E-bike is as easy as owning a car

Converting interest into purchasing an E-bike like the OKO is a factor that the team at Biomega have put a lot of time and effort into considering, and Kenneth explains that owning a E-bike today can be as easy, and cheaper than going out and buying a new car.

“What makes Biomega different, truly different, is that if you see a bicycle 200 metres away, you can’t really see what brand it is, but you can always tell if it’s a Biomega bike. People also need to see that owning a Biomega E-bike is as easy as owning a car. There’s also a statement part of it, you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a bike and not look the part. You want to look cool, it needs to be super convenient, plus you really don’t want to be visiting the mechanic as regular what you would with a normal bike. Everything you see on a Biomega bicycle, except for the gears and the breaks, is produced and designed by Biomega.”

However, Kenneth stresses that is only temporary for the team at Biomega, who are ambitiously pushing forward to achieve the company’s goals in outcompeting inner city car travel, whilst never deviating from the quality of the product.

“We need to control the whole value chain ourselves, so we are making our own production, we source all the parts ourselves, we have assembly and all the engineering done in Denmark. So this is a huge investment, but it’s the only way we at Biomega can achieve our goals. Our competitors will just buy off the shelf and put their logo on it, and that is surely not the way to ever outcompete the car.”

“Our OKO bicycle is a good example, the fenders are integrated, everything is made in one piece. Most other bicycle brands cannot do this as it’s a huge investment, but we here don’t really see an alternative. Our mission is to end up as the leading brand for electric bicycles / urban transportation and to do that we need to keep investing heavily in ways to adopt technology.”

The OKO E-bike is now available here at for €2,399 and is available in both white and silver.

Biomega is member of The Cycling Embassy of Denmark


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