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Sollihøgda Plussby is an ambitious environmental project, which aims to provide the Oslo region with smart and sustainable solutions. The pilot project is just outside Oslo and could potentially house 30,000 people and provide 15,000 jobs if the Ringeriksbanen line opens a station on this section.

The aim is to create Europe’s first ‘Plus City’, designed and laid out to use smart and sustainable technology from day one of the project. Sollihøgda Plussby will generate more energy than it consumes, and the design is based on all the knowledge we possess about climate change and how we can build zero-emission neighbourhoods in the future (ZEN – the Zero Emissions Network). The town has been planned with green and intelligent solutions for mobility, which should make it more attractive to choose public transport than to own a private car.

The planned zero-emission community is inspired by nature’s own eco-systems where there is no waste and everything is a resource. Sollihøgda Plussby will promote businesses and institutions that want to stimulate innovation and knowledge of ‘smart city’ solutions and the circular economy, which can be exported to other cities both in Norway and abroad.

The Norwegian government has decided to use the coming Sollihøgda Plussby outside of Oslo as a testing ground for high-tech and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Will it be autonomous electric buses? Could Scandinavia get its first hyperloop? Or will Elon Musk realise his dream on Norwegian soil?

In summer 2018, all COWI Try team got the chance to leave their mark on the concept behind Europe’s first ´PlusCity´ in Norway, collaborating with landowners, property developers, technology companies and local authorities to develop innovative concepts and possible solutions for the new PlusCity.

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