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Storm water solutions with multiple purposes are implemented in this new developed area in Roskilde. The area was former used for a huge concrete factory. When the factory moved out of the city the area was transformed to an area used for many activities as living, exhibitions, sport, art, music and other cultural and recreational activities.

The basic idea is to use as much of the old factory buildings as possible and create new innovative infrastructure and buildings based on green, ecological and sustainable ideas. One of the targets was to handle all storm water on the surface and utilize the facilities for other purposes during dry weather. At the same time the storm water system should make the whole area climate change resilient to avoid damages from heavy rain storm and cloud bursts today and in the future.

Good collaboration between many parties was needed, and all the partners accepted to think in this unconventional ways. One of the results is the new storm water system and storage facilities in this part of Roskilde. Most of the streets, canals and storage facilities serve a double purpose as recreational facility for skaters and some ball games. More canals and storage areas are incorporated in a green park, Rabalderparken, with many different recreational facilities as trampoline, playgrounds, picnic areas, grill locations etc.

Close cooperation was successfully achieved between the stakeholders, consultants and subcontractors to get the unit to function optimally for different purposes and at the same time comply with the technical specifications for safety, health, climate change resilience, financing, operation and maintenance etc.

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