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Cycling provides many advantages. It is healthy, sustainable and reduces the congestion of cars in the cities. This makes investments in better biking facilities beneficial.

Promotion of bicycle transport consists of a range of measures, for example bike lanes, bike parking facilities, high service level, campaigns and image building.  
High quality for cyclists
Cyclists want to move forward quickly without stopping. Planning of bike lanes and traffic signals is very important for cyclists’ travel speed.
Good service may consist of small such as pumps and drinking water, or major city bike concepts and the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

COWI has experience from a wide range of projects. We develop input to master plans for cycling, for example with the use of priority models.

Safety for cyclists
Safety must be at a high level, and road safety is an integrated part of a bike project when COWI is the consultant.

Bike parking
Good planning, lay-out and high quality of bike parking facilities are important factors for a bike-friendly city. It might even be a landmark for bicycling in the city.
Bike parking may be included in the local master plans, for example by including a minimum number of bike parking places.

Campaigns and image-building
Image is very important to make cycling attractive. A branding strategy can be a part of a major effort with campaigns etc.
The maintenance of the bike lanes is also an important factor. Assessing their comfort with COWI’s measuring car provides input to maintenance plans.

Effects, health and economics
Assessments of the effects of a bike project, including health and economics is an important part of a project and provides the basis for new projects.

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