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Smart City thinking challenges the status quo of managing cities. It requires political courage and a holistic approach to public management in order to create efficient solutions and sustainable growth. This can be achieved by involving businesses, knowledge institutions and citizens more deeply in creating smart urban solutions.

Copenhagen Solutions Lab is the City of Copenhagen’s incubator for smart city initiatives. We work cross-sector with the City’s administration and in partnership with local and international companies and knowledge institutions to create and test new ideas, technologies and solutions to real urban challenges.

Copenhagen, like many other large cities, suffers from massive problems with congestion and flash floods; this and the ambitious climate targets are reasons for the need to rethink how the city’s solutions are structured in new sustainable ways. We contribute to the overall goal of Copenhagen being a green, safe, clean and liveable city and we explore the ways the utilization of big data, new technologies and a digital infrastructure can help achieving this goal.

Today we work with the following projects:

  • Street Lab: Testarea for smart city technologies – such as air quality sensors, intelligent waste management and smart parking placed in the area between the Town Hall Square, H. C. Andersens Blvd. and Vester Voldgade.
  • UNDERBROEN: Our new makerspace for creative citizens and people with different professional skills who want to work with 3D printers, lazer-cutters and modern digital technologies in a knowledge-sharing environment.
  • IoT Platform for Cities (SELECT): EU-project with the goal of creating an IoT platform for European cities to enable large-scale co-creation, testing and validation of urban IoT apps and services.
  • EnergyBlock: The project EnergyBlock investigates the potential for renewable energy production and storage in Fuglekvarteret (Nordvest) from a full sustainability perspective. The project also aims to create three social start-up companies, including; A roof-top greenhouse that will produce fresh herbs and vegetables to a rooftop restaurant on the neighbouring roof with a view over the district and Copenhagen.
  • Open Data DK: We work together with four larger cities in Denmark to put Open Data on the national agenda. Open Data DK gathers data and make them publicly available for anyone to use – it being businesses, small entrepreneurs, public institutions or citizens.
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