Intelligent Danish Solutions for the Indian Water Sector

By Confederation of Danish Industry, September 02, 2016

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a Danish delegation focused on the water sector. Danish companies discussed how to plan and execute the expansion of the Indian water sector. Furthermore, discussions of how to manage the next following year’s massive investments were held as well.

The overall objective of the visit was to share Danish know-how and intelligent solutions with the Indian water sector. In cooperation with the Danish Embassy in New Delhi, the Confederation of Danish Industry established contact to Indian decision-makers in the private and public sector, responsible for improving and expanding the water supply chain in India. A proper effort combined with the right solutions can pave the way for Danish companies to fulfil the huge market potential in the Indian water sector.

Indian 100 Smart City Mission
The 100 SC Mission is a programme promoting urban development in India through the application of smart solutions. ‘Smartness’ is generally associated with hi-tech and IT-based solutions, but in the context of India the definition focuses on establishing more efficient core infrastructure related to water, electricity, sanitation, transportation and waste management.

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This involves an investment close to 30 billion USD the next five years for water supply development for the future smart cities. In this area of expertise, several Danish companies can contribute with core competencies and innovative technologies that could prove to be vital for the future development of the sector.

Sharing Danish water competencies
With a rapidly increasing urbanisation and industrialisation, it is expected that the demand for water will increase by 20 percent following the next ten years. The water sector in India is worth EUR 1.5 billion and the sector is currently increasing by 15-20 percent. Therefore, the potential of India’s urban development is abundant, and Danish companies hold strong competencies that can help unleash this potential. With India’s strengthened commitment to its urban development, now is a good time for Danish companies to prioritise this market strategically.

The participating companies on the delegation were, among others, KamstrupRambøll, Grundfoss, Danfoss, AVK, Hempel, Siemens, and Hexa-Cover. Additionally, State of Green and The Confederation of Danish Industry’s Environmental Policy unit also participated.

Source: Confederation of Danish Industry

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