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CLEVER (former ChoosEV) is a leading Danish electric mobility operator (EMO), owned by the five large utilities SE, SEAS-NVE, NRGi, EnergiMidt and Energi Fyn.

We provide electric vehicles, charging stations, financing services, operation, advice and environmental optimization in relation to electric vehicles and infrastructure.  With a mission to create a strong synergy between environmental concerns and mobility by promoting electric vehicles and ensuring that they are charged intelligently, CLEVER will play an important role in balancing the grid in developing smart grid solutions in regard to EVs.

CLEVER has established more than 50 quick charge stations (ChaDeMo 50 kW) nationwide in Denmark, which makes it more than possible to drive across the country in an EV, and at the same time makes quick charge available in all parts of Denmark. At the same time CLEVERs infrastructure consists of private intelligent charging modules and hundreds of semi-public normal charging points.

CLEVER supports both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

CLEVER is behind the large research project called Test-an-EV ( We will put 200 electric vehicles on the Danish roads. They will be tested by, in total, up to 1600 Danish citizens all over the country for a period of two years.

The project is supported by both public and private funding.  

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