The Innovation Network for Environmental Technology invites to their annual conference 2015

By CLEAN, March 19, 2015

What new opportunities emerges when the 1100 largest Danish companies in the future must include environmental responsibility reports in the financial statements?

Several companies have used the method ”Environmental Profit & Loss”, who value the environmental impact throughout the value chain. But does it give rise to new environmental stakes in major companies, and how is the solutions in the environmental technology put into play at an early stage? The world’s largest economy, China, has put air, water, and soil pollution high on the agenda, but is it possible for smaller companies to come into play as well?

On 29 of April The Innovation Network for Environmental Technology focuses on these issues. The Environmental Protection Agency will set the scene for the day, followed by a number of private and public actors’ specific environmental challenges.

There will be opportunity to meet larger companies that are looking for new technologies and solutions.

Read more about the event, and sign up here.

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