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City of Odense

With its 186,000 inhabitants, Odense is the third largest city in Denmark covering an area of 304.2 km2. It is a city with a size that opens the possibility of creating integrated systems which can lead to lowering the climate impacts. Odense faces great challenges in the coming years on how to reduce climate impacts. We already have many solutions which create a sound basis for future developments. We would like to share our experiences and at the same time present our plans for future initiatives.

Odense has one of the largest district heating systems in the world, distributed through a very extensive grid. It ensures a high level of energy utilization due to the co-production of electricity and heat based upon waste incin-eration.

Odense is known as the cycle city of Denmark. Based on the cities long experience with cycling.

Odense has increased its focus on sustainable building and construction. This goes for both a reduction of energy consumption and for the use of environmentally sustainable materials. We have build two of the first passive house child care institutions in Denmark.

The primary focus of the climate change strategy is to work out a climate plan focusing on the areas of energy, construction and traffic, which combined account for by far the largest amount of CO2 emissions.

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