Water and biodiversity in the city

The City of Copenhagen wants to address both climate change and the biodiversity crisis with the help of urban nature.

As a part of the city’s climate adaptation strategy and the implementation of its cloudburst management plan, the city has thus also decided to focus on increasing urban nature and biodiversity. As rainwater and urban nature is closely connected, increasing the presence of urban nature in the future will also contribute to creating more natural water circulation. The implementation of a city-wide plan, which will enable the city to manage a 100-year storm event provides a unique opportunity to utilise the synergies between water management, green areas and social infrastructure. This is done by deliberately integrating green and blue infrastructure as part of the design of the cloudburst projects.

Over time, the increased use of green and temporary blue spaces will also contribute to minimising urban heat island effect by replacing hard surfaces with softer green surfaces. A transformation of the city with fewer gray roads, squares and urban spaces and more trees, green roofs, grazing guilds etc. will also have a positive effect on biodiversity.

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