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Smart Grid

If Copenhagen is to meet its target of becoming the first carbon neutral capital by 2025, we need to develop an integrated and smart electricity and energy system in the city. We are looking for partners who can assist us in integrating a wide range of renewable energy sources into one system, which is less dependent on the immediate energy need – the Smart Grid.

Copenhagen: Frontrunner on integrated electricity and energy systems
With an 98 per cent connection to the district heating supply, Copenhagen is today a frontrunner in terms of integrated energy systems. Renewable energy such as wind power, waste incineration and bio mass already accounts for a large share of the City’s energy supply. Moreover our district heating system gives us a unique opportunity to create storage capacity. Hence, Copenhagen is in a strong position to host the development and testing of the smart grids of the future.

Pilot project in Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen is planning a pilot project to examine and test the potential of the integrated electricity and energy systems in Copenhagen. Our partners in this project could be energy companies, enterprises developing intelligent measuring systems, distribution companies, research institutions, relevant industry associations etc. The project offers a high degree of exposure and marketing opportunities for private participants.

Primary contact
Peter Krogsgaard

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