More Electric Vehicles in Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen wants to spearhead the phasing in of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as an alternative to gasoline and diesel.

The best frameworks for an EV market
EVs have been exempted from the vehicle registration tax (VRT) since 1983. Furthermore, the City of Copenhagen is working to make EV parking free of charge again. If EVs are going to become a success in Copenhagen, it must be attractive for EV providers and enterprises to develop and test their charging stations in the city.

At the moment there are registered between 300 and 400 EVs in Copenhagen. We have acquired 255 vehicles ourselves. As of spring 2017, we have attained our goal of 85 per cent of the municipality’s own vehicles being electric, hydrogen or hybrid powered. Furthermore, the infrastructure for the municipal EVs is under development. Technical specifications have been determined, and by the end of 2012, a contract was signed with one or more suppliers of charging posts for the City’s own fleet.

The City Council has decided to reserve 500 parking spaces for EV providers to set up and operate charging stations for a period of ten years. Until now, 106 charging points and 218 parking spaces, one fast charging point and one hydrogen station have been established. As relevant standards and legislation are made ready, the City of Copenhagen will offer long-term concessions to ensure the full-scale roll-out of infrastructure on public roads. We are cooperating with car manufactures and service providers who can contribute to creating a public infrastructure.

Cross-border collaboration
We cannot overcome the climate challenges alone. Therefore the City of Copenhagen is cooperating with other municipalities and companies on both the national and international level. On an EU-level, the City is participating in three projects aiming to promote EVs and develop a common European charging infrastructure, and one project aiming to promote hydrogen cars. Furthermore, we are part of the C40 network working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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