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Low-energy buildings

New buildings in Copenhagen should be sustainable and carbon-neutral in the future. To this end, Copenhagen is looking for partners who can help us demonstrate that sustainable and carbon neutral buildings are possible without exceeding today’s standards in terms of total combined construction costs and operating economy.

New way of approaching buildings

Looking at construction costs together with operating economy gives us an overview of the actual costs of buildings. This generates economic as well as environmental benefits. We aim to bring future energy savings forward to the construction phase, hence overcoming the additional costs currently related to constructing low-energy buildings. To realise this new approach, the City of Copenhagen and private enterprises must draw on previously gained experience.

Demonstration of low-energy buildings

In the near future, the City of Copenhagen will establish partnerships in order to develop new methods to realise low-energy buildings in Copenhagen, which will lead to specific construction projects.


We are looking for partners who are experienced in low-energy construction and who have developed processes to reduce costs in the construction phase and are able to develop new technologies and solutions to set the framework for future low-energy buildings.

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