Energy Conserving Renovation of Valhalsgade Cultur Centre and the Haraldsgade neighbourhood

In 2015, the City of Copenhagen finished an extensive renovation of the Culture Centre situated at Valhalsgade 4 in a collaboration with 8 Danish producers of cutting edge energy solutions for buildings. The building was a demonstration project of the City and the private partners up to COP 15.

The Culture Centre is now open for group visits and you can see energy efficient solutions within insulation, windows, lighting, ventilation and energy control systems. Guides are available to explain the innovative renovation solutions. In addition, the guides can show visitors the many sustainability projects in the neighbourhood.


Velux windows are located in the roof construction, and they act as large daylight spots and create optimum lighting conditions for the users of the house.

The original windows are replaced with VELFAC windows, which are estimated to be five times more energy efficient than the original while providing more daylight.

Osram has supplied LEDs and Louis Poulsen lamps that together provide a wide range of exciting cutting-edge lighting solutions throughout the building without comprising the use as a cultural house. The light has at the same time become part of the stage lighting of events without comprising the need for energy sufficient solutions.


The house façade is protected and so cannot be insulated on the outside. In an innovative solution, a glass wall from Pilkington has been put up on the inside of the façade, which both provides less heat loss and greater light. At the same time, this façade has become the entrance area at ground floor and the rooms for activity are insulated and in an effort to create great daylight throughout the building is part of this wall in glass.

The rest of the house is insulated with different types of Rockwool insulation solutions on both inner and outer sides. Moreover, Velux solar panels are integrated in the south-facing roof surface for the production of hot water.

Climate control

A climate solution from WindowMaster ensures natural ventilation in the building. The system can be controlled from a centrally placed touch-screen.

The natural ventilation is supplemented with heat recovery, which ensures that the cold outside air is heated by the used air in the house.

A Danfoss system has been configured for thermal management, collaborating with the natural ventilation system ensuring precise automatic climate control.


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