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As part of its green city initiatives, the city of Copenhagen has embarked on several strategic intelligent traffic solutions to reduce congestion, emissions and increase safety for both vehicular traffic and bicycles. Advances in sensor technology, cloud computing and novel simulation algorithms have made it possible to build traffic models based on large scale data gathering.

As part of this project a consortium of companies consisting of CITILUM, the Danish Technical University and Leapcraft in collaboration with CISCO and Silver Spring have developed a new platform called CITS (Copenhagen Intelligent Traffic Solutions)

As part of the CITS project we have installed a mesh network of wifi access points that have the capability of geo locating wifi enabled devices on the streets without compromising privacy.

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The data is aggregated, anonymised and then fed back into a cloud based software dashboard. The system enables city officials to both monitor traffic conditions in real time and also run a variety of simulations. The dashboard helps categorise traffic, look for patterns and identify long term behavioural tendencies amongst the road users. It also allows for gathering insight into correlation’s between traffic conditions and other influences like weather, roadworks or special events etc. The simulation mode enables city officials to test various hypothesis based on historic data trends in conjunction with advanced mathematical models. A variety of simulations can be run as installable apps – for example assess the impact on a bus route by changing traffic light timings or the change in peak hour bottlenecks based on variable speed limits etc.

The solution also enables the city to record data samples and use it for other applications. It will eventually offer a API for data access and run as a browser based software.

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