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Mobility pilot on safety and sustainability services for deployment

Compass4D: Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment
Compass4D target users and drivers of buses, emergency vehicles, trucks, taxies, electric vehicles and private cars. To make their driving safer, less stressful and more energy efficient, they require information on traffic signal phases and other traffic events.

The site chosen for the pilot project in Copenhagen is a central bus connection running between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport Station via the inner city.
The pilot site is one of the busiest bus routes in Copenhagen. The route has A-buses and regular buses running through the route. Some full, others partially full.

A-bus lines in Copenhagen are characterized by high frequency and short distances between stops, giving the passengers frequent and dependable service.

The City of Copenhagen is implementing the pilot project to reduce congestion, increase traffic safety, and facilitate punctual arrival of buses.

The pilot site embraces 21 traffic signals where Road Side Units (RSU) has been installed, and over 100 vehicles with On Board Units (OBU) has also been installed. The OBUs give the drivers information about traffic signal phase status and other events relevant to safety.

The pilot project will run through the rest of 2015 and into 2016. If successful, it can be implemented permanently.


Primary contact
Jos Bo van Vlerken

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