Copenhagen the most Liveable City in the World

By Line Lagoni Leonhard, June 21, 2013

The international life style magazine, Monocle, has ranked Copenhagen the most liveable city in the world.

The best city in the world. This is the way the distinguished international life style magazine Monocle describes Copenhagen.

The capital of Denmark is acclaimed for its many festivals, its nice urban life and its biking culture.  Monocle is particularly enthusiastic about Copenhagen never closing down. People are in the streets seven days a week, and most restaurants and supermarkets are open during the weekend.

“I am pleased that we in the City of Copenhagen can contribute to giving the Copenhageners a world class city. Being number one in the world I see as a confirmation that what we are doing in Copenhagen is quite unique. We have succeeded in creating a city that overtakes every other city in the world. We should be proud of this. Being top of the list can contribute to attracting tourists and skilled international labour. When we are promoting Copenhagen outside our borders it is a great privilege to be able to state that we have been ranked the best city in the world to live in,” says Lord Mayor Frank Jensen.

The edition of Monocle with the list of the best cities in the world will be published on Wednesday June 20. For further reading please visit

If you want more information, please contact press officer Line Lagoni Leonhard  +45 29 99 40 69. 

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