Underground waste containers increase recyling rates in Aarhus

Aarhus has introduced a new unique waste handling solution that is both future-proof and has the ability to handle several waste types, i.e. household waste, paper, glass and batteries.

The project was realised in 2008 when a total of 450 underground waste containers were established (capacity: 4 cubic metres each). The containers are easy for citizens to use and fit perfectly into the urban environment thanks to careful planning, a sculpture-like design of the waste shafts, and the beautiful, high-grade granite tiles that surround the waste shafts at ground level. Until now, (November 2013), a total of 900 underground waste containers have been reached.

The new solution has resulted in a tidier city centre after the removal of approx 3,500 conventional waste containers from pavements and backyards. The citizens are very pleased with the new solution which means that they can make better use of e.g. their backyards for recreational purposes since these are now free of waste waiting to be collected.

The project is an overall success in terms of the practical planning of the project, improved work environment benefits for the collection crews that no longer come into physical contact with the waste as well as in the general public who views the underground container solution as an aesthetical improvement.


AffaldVarme Aarhus, (Department of Waste and District Heating)
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