Safeguarding the Bathing Water Quality of the Stream Aarhus Å

The water supply company ‘Aarhus Vand’ is currently conducting an extensive wastewater project, which will improve the water environment in Aarhus significantly.

The water is to have a high hygienic quality – preferably bathing water quality – and it must be suitable for recreational activities.

The project is also aimed at preventing flooding and overspill of wastewater into lakes, streams and the bay in the City of Aarhus through the establishment of a number of large wastewater basins – and through optimised control of the basins, sewage systems and water treatment plants through so-called governance. This form of governance is among the most advanced in Europe – and maybe even in the world.

The most recent subproject is the establishment of a large wastewater basin which has just been completed. The facility, which is one of nine planned basins, uses an entirely new and groundbreaking method for water treatment. This method is cheaper than traditional UV irradiation, and at the same time it reduces CO2 emissions by almost 50 per cent.

The nine basins are to be located like a blue ribbon along the stream Aarhus Å, right from the harbour to Lake Brabrand, west of Aarhus, which has been designated an EU habitat area.

The City of Aarhus has invested about 45 million Euros in the large environmental project, which includes all activities related to the stream Aarhus Å.


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