REUSE – an alternative recycling station

REUSE is a redefined recycling centre owned by AffaldVarme Aarhus, the local waste management and district heating supply unit. It is an innovative space for recycling, upcycling and progressive waste management.

The concept is simple: “Give what you have and take what you need”. There are all kinds of things to be found at REUSE – from furniture to books and mugs. They are items that other people no longer need, but still are in a good condition. Everything is free to take. REUSE itself is a mobile setup of containers resembling the various rooms of a standard household.

REUSE challenges people’s views and perceptions on waste and is thereby an outstanding example of local circular economy, that is beneficial for the whole city.

For everyone to get more hands-on experience in repairing and upcycling items, volunteers at REUSE additionally host exhibitions, events and courses on waste and recycling. Depending on the season, Aarhus citizens can come by and e.g. fix their bikes or create Halloween costumes from recycled materials. By participating in events, the citizens of Aarhus are co-creating the concept.

REUSE started out as an experiment and was therefore installed at a temporary location. Due to its widespread use and popularity, the project and continued and the facilities moved to a new and more permanent location in the city in June 2019.


  • REUSE is open every day from 12-17
  • REUSE has 300-350 visitors a day
  • Around 500 tons of objects, furniture are recycled annually, saving 550 tons of CO2
  • Each year, about 50 school classes visit REUSE to take part in an interactive education
  • Students moving to Aarhus in August can get a free “move-in box” including table ware, pots and pans
  • You can rent a cargo bike for free if you need to transport bigger objects


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Arhus is Denmark’s 2nd largest city and the  financial centre of the Central Denmark Region. The city has a catchment area of 1.2 million people within a one-hour travel range and is well connected to Copenhagen and Hamburg.

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