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Arhus is Denmark’s 2nd largest city and the  financial centre of the Central Denmark Region. The city has a catchment area of 1.2 million people within a one-hour travel range and is well connected to Copenhagen and Hamburg.

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Navitas is an energy effective building at the harbor front of Aarhus. Accommodating both the School of Engineering, the School of Marine Engineering and a business community focusing on cleantech, it is a vital hub for research, technology, business and innovation in the region.

By gathering researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs and companies in the same building, the framework for a leading knowledge environment is created: Boundaries between commercial business development and public research and education are diminishing.

One innovative entity in this regard is Startup Factory at NAVITAS: Students with a business idea can evolve their startup in a creative and stimulating environment. NAVITAS offers offices, workshop facilities, prototype workshops, laboratories and contact specialists who together provide entrepreneurs with all necessities to develop an idea into a business model.

When designing the NAVITAS building, sustainability was in focus. This objective can be seen in their energy efficient installations such as ventilation, lighting and lifts. The building has a well-insulated building envelope with energy-producing elements, for instance solar cells, wind turbines and solar panel, and is cooled down by seawater. NAVITAS also incorporates the future and has laboratories for searching and developing energy reducing and producing technology.

NAVITAS has financed the project with support from the Municipality of Aarhus. The total cost for the project is 750-800 million Danish kroner.


  • 2,700 students, teachers, researchers, start-ups and companies in the building
  • The building is 38,000 sq.m. (hereof INCUBA 10,000 sq.m.)
  • 450 public parking spaces and 1000 bike parking spots
  • The building was designed by Kjær & Richter together with Christensen & Co architects.
  • The star-shaped building is energy class 1.
  • NAVITAS is supplied with energy from the 1280 solar cells placed on the roof
  • 22 million data points are collected from the building each week and used to optimize the operation of the building

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