CO2-neutrality by 2030 – an aim for a growing Aarhus

The City Council of Aarhus has adopted a set of holistic, political goals concerning the climate and the environment of the city. This means that all plans and policies in the City of Aarhus must consider their potential environmental impact. The central strategy within the framework of this holistic approach is the ambitious and tangible goal of becoming a CO2 neutral city by the year 2030, which has so far given rise to two concrete climate plans.

The goal of CO2 neutrality will create opportunities for the development of Aarhus so that we can create a healthy environment, society and business life.

To realise the vision, we need to work together. That’s why the City Council works closely with local businesses and academic institutions. By joining forces, we can create solutions for green energy, climate adaptation and growth for Aarhus.

The City of Aarhus has passed three climate plans since 2008. The 2012-2015 plan laid the foundations for the city’s climatic measures leading up to 2015. There are six main elements to the plan, designed to ensure fulfilment of its goals.

You can find more facts about the city’s efforts to tackle climate change here.

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