A Climate-adapted Heating Plan will make Aarhus CO2-neutral

A new Climate-adapted Heating Plan was passed in 2011. In the future, it will help make the City of Aarhus CO2-neutral.

The Climate-adapted Heating Plan describes future heat supply and three possible scenarios of how to organise it. There is great potential in district heating for contributing to Aarhus’ goal of CO2 neutrality in 2030.

The Climate-adapted Heating Plan consists of three different scenarios:

  • Today, most of the heat supply in Aarhus is based on coal
  • A new heating plant is built by 2015; here the heat supply will be based on straw while Studstrup Power Station will be able to produce heat supply based on wood pellets. By then, heat supply based on coal will be reduced considerately.
  • By 2030, renewable energy sources as sun and wind will be introduced and heat supply based on coal will be phased out.


AffaldVarme Aarhus, (Department of Waste and District Heating), +45 8940 1500, affaldvarme@aarhus.dk

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