Network for Sustainable Business Development

NBE North Denmark facilitates competitive advantages for local companies through sustainability.

Network for Sustainable Business Development (NBE) is a network for sustainable business development in Northern Denmark.

The aim of the network is to strengthen the participating companies’ competitive advantages through targeted efforts towards sustainability. The network is a private-public cooperation between the municipalities in Northern Denmark, local business bureaus, Energi Nord, Aalborg University and private companies.

In the network, companies have the possibility to share knowledge across industries about the environment, sustainability and climate. The companies also get the chance to conduct a sustainability screening of their production and products to get an overview of the possibilities to optimize the use of energy and materials, to reduce the use of resources, and to develop more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products.

NBE regularly offer meetings, where the companies discuss sustainability and get inspired from other companies with the same interests. Every meeting has a theme, for example ‘Energy’. Relevant persons make presentations about the subject and afterwards workshops are held for the participants. One of the participating companies hosts these meeting. The host company at the same time tells about their work with sustainability and gives a tour of the company.

Primary contact
Lene Fittenborg Buhl Kejser

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