Green Shops Network

Green Stores is an eco-label for stores that are environmentally conscious

Green Shops is a public-private partnership between Aalborg Municipality, Aalborg City Association, Aalborg Storcenter, City Nord Business and the North Denmark Business, recognising businesses that are environmentally conscious. The network consists over 100 stores across Aalborg. In practice, being a Green Shop involves things such as increasing efficiency of electricity and water use to reduce environmental impact and save on costs. While shops can save money, the focus of the program is really about a philosophy and an attitude towards being environmentally conscientious in all aspects of running a business, from waste cycles, to employee practices to sourcing ethically produced products.

Green Shops can be identified by the Green Shop logo usually placed in the shop window, telling customers that they are supporting a business that is contributing to and supportive of the city’s green transition. The benefit for businesses is that once part of the program, they have a competitive edge being able to advertise themselves as a Green Shop. The Green Shops initiative is also about the consumers. Small businesses thrive when their customers are happy, and the Green Shops initiative provides customers with more information about where they choose to spend their money. The program allows both businesses and citizens to show their support for the city’s green transition through their everyday purchases.

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Mette Melchiorsen

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