“Green Agents” Promote Sustainable Living

The Green Agents offer support to citizen-driven initiatives aimed at furthering the green agenda.

Launched in 2015, the Green Agents project revolves around the idea that sustainable living should be easy for every citizen. To ensure this, a small team of Green Agents are ready to help, guide, and develop sustainable ideas in cooperation with any person, organisation or institution within Aalborg, whether it concerns energy saving, waste management, urban gardening, circular or shared economy, recycling, or something completely different aiming at promoting sustainability.

The Green Agents have a variety of partners and collaborators to draw know-how from within the Centre for Green Transition and other departments of the Aalborg Municipality, as well as outside stakeholders from local and national organisations, institutions and civil society.

To reach the citizens of Aalborg, the Green Agents strive to be visual and accessible through various activities like conferences, seminars, outreach meetings, and an annual Sustainability Festival. They also connect and communicate through social media. The goal is to meet the citizens “where they are” and support those who wants to contribute to the sustainable living agenda through voluntary work.

Primary contact
Zacharias Brix Madsen

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