Danish Energy Cluster – House of Energy

House of Energy is the Danish energy cluster for sustainable energy technologies.

Danish energy cluster

The Danish energy cluster, House of Energy, works within sustainable energy technologies including electricity, gas and heat. Focused on the entire value chain, from producing the energy to delivering it to the consumer, House of Energy seeks to support and foster a transition to renewable energy sources nationally as well as internationally.
Having established a strong position regarding knowledge within integrated energy systems, including every energy utility, House of Energy offers offers support within a wide range of energy sectors focusing on wind power, district heating and green gasses (bio gas etc.).

House of Energy believes it is possible to manage a green transition within the energy sector and ensure economic growth at the same time. Constantly connecting businesses with researchers, utility companies, municipalities, investors and other actors interested in energy, House of Energy has a great understanding across the whole industry.

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We offer a variety of benefits including networking events, conferences, access to the latest knowledge about different forms of energy, business opportunities, matchmaking and network expansion.

Read more about energy efficiency in this white paper: Energy Efficiency in a Competitive Industry

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