Increasing flooding calls for immediate cross-municipal cooperation

With its 160 km, Gudenåen is the longest river in Denmark and runs through seven municipalities.

Climate change has led to an increase in precipitation and flooding which calls for increased cross-municipal cooperation in order to create holistic, long-term solutions. his includes engaging with a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from landowners to museums to help identify challenges and create new climate adaptation solutions. A hydrological model and warning system covering all 160 km’s has been developed in order to inform stakeholders and produce future climate adaptation scenarios.

Furthermore, a mapping of the local stakeholders, their interests and objectives has been carried out. The purpose of this was to involve stakeholders and get an  overview of their experiences with flooding and possible solutions. This is important as future climate adaptation solutions should not only aim to reduce flooding but also create a common understanding of the river system as one system and develop climate adaptation solutions which resonate with the local stakeholders. The aim has been to create more holistic solutions with added value for the various stakeholders along Gudenåen.

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