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Straw Briquettes for Industrial Scale Production

Kinetic Biofuel is a partnership between C.F. Nielsen and BioFuel Technology combining biomass briquetting experience with Biofuel experience. The co-operation was initiated through a development program together with the University of Aarhus in Foulum. The development program is supported with funds from the Danish Energy Ministry’s EUDP programme.

Kinetic Biofuel offers a complete concept for handling of straw briquettes for industrial scale production based on straw and slurry. The solution unlocks the lignocellulose biomass in one mechanical step – the mechanical briquetting.

The customized briquetting plants are offered with capacities from 1 ton per hour and upwards. The lines consists of a transport line for straw bales, a shredder for straw, a hammer mill, a filter or cyclone, a buffer system and/or a dosing silo and a briquette press.

The briquetting technology is based on C.F.Nielsen’s long experience with briquetting technology. Read more about the briquetting presses here.

The introduction of the new compression technology for industrial scale production gives following advantages:

  • Briquetted straw more than doubles biogas production.
  • A biogas plant, which uses 100,000 tons of slurry and produce 2.5 million m3, can with this technology and feeding of 10,000 ton of straw per year produce approximately 6.5 million m3. – an increase of app. 160%
  • 250 m3 methane per tons straw can be produced – minimum, at residence times of 30-40 days in thermophile reactors.
  • By using special catalysts, the gas production can be further increased.
  • The compression technology renders straw soluble and miscible in the biogas slurry, typically animal manure.
  • No floating covers are formed, even at high dry matter content. A stable and sound biogas process is achieved.
  • It is a true 2nd generation technology. Provides better economy for the farmer, than using maize silage.
  • No competition with food production. Grow wheat for food – and use the straw for biogass!
  • The compression technology is a pure mechanical method. Boiling in steam or water is avoided, yet straw is still effectively pre-treated for biogas use.

Read more about Kinetic Biofuel here: http://www.kineticbiofuel.com/

About author

C.F. Nielsen was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. Mechanical and extrusion briquetting installations for the production of briquettes. Raw materials besides wood are agricultural residues such as straw, rice husks, miscanthus etc. Complete production lines can be delivered with capacities of 200 kg/h and upwards.

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Jesper Stecher Madsen

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