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C.F. Nielsen was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. Mechanical and extrusion briquetting installations for the production of briquettes. Raw materials besides wood are agricultural residues such as straw, rice husks, miscanthus etc. Complete production lines can be delivered with capacities of 200 kg/h and upwards.

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Most animal bedding is made either from wood shavings or shredded straw. However, there is an attractive alternative – to use shredded briquettes from straw for bedding – which absorbs more than 4 times more water than normal straw.

Our customers, DDS in Denmark (today Easy AgriCare), has fine-tuned the process of producing bedding from straw briquettes. DDS has 4 BP6500 briquetting presses and are able to produce up to 6 tons per hour of briquettes, which are immediately turned into bedding material and packed in plastic bags.

The compression through the press heat treats the straw and reduces bacteria and spores to an absolute minimum. Smaller particles and dust have been filtered, which is healthier for the animals. The bedding material does not contain any additives.

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